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Scattered Silence

by Kyle Preston

Isolation 03:08
Stillness 03:27
ex silentio 01:44
Reflection 04:35


“Preston makes effective use of layers and dynamics......evoking a wavering, fragile peace.”

- a closer listen

In modern society, so many distracting noises confine our attention. This album is a collection of ideas dedicated to those tiny moments between the roaring of daily life.

Since moving to Seattle a few years ago, I’ve been searching for ways to manage the noise of living in a loud city. Some people love the clamor, they feel empowered by it. Initially, I sort of felt choked by it; I started craving silence, in the same way someone craves coffee. This led me to think about the uses of silence in a more societal sense. So I began amassing some of the interesting reasons people use it.

- To hide
- To reflect
- To commemorate
- To decompress, or feel a sense of tranquility
- Remaining silent on a particular topic is sometimes viewed as a
statement about the topic itself

I began crafting soundscapes that attempted to embody these things. A lot of the songs have prominent moments dedicated to the spaces between the notes.

Deliberately, I did not evolve themes throughout the album, each song feels like its own unconnected world. I'm hoping it’s helped to create a sense of disarray. Sometimes, the songs are about how we feel when we experience noiselessness. Other times, they're about something mundane - like pulling out your phone during a bus commute. You could just look out the window, but you don't. It's as if you're trying to avoid that silent moment reminding you you're a person. Other times it’s about slowing down, even if it’s just for a minute, and really looking at something. Those moments are so significant; sometimes I wish we could spend more time there.

For more info: www.kylepreston.com


released May 20, 2016

Music by Kyle Preston.
Album Artwork: Emily Clouse byopartyoatmeal.com

Special thanks to Cinesamples, Embertone, Ivy Audio, 99 Sounds, Klanghelm, Spitfire, and 8Dio.




Kyle Preston Seattle, Washington

Ambient Classical --empathy for your ears.

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